This article is a good example of an essay on Aliens and Space

This article is a good example of an essay on Aliens and Space

After going from city to city into the Starship, we where hunting for a place to stay at.

We had left Earth because I was being taken over by the aliens that where discovered from other planets. We knew we might encounter other aliens while exploring other planets therefore we took proper precautions and brought the protection we would need through out of the trip. We where going in outer space so that the aliens will never track us and follow us to destroy us.

We had arrived into the first planet and simply by looking it looked like this planet was not going to become our home for long at it. We got out of the starship merely to anyway explore it. We began walking around on earth and we also felt shaking constantly. I was thinking it was just constant earthquakes and that they never stopped, but I knew I happened to be wrong whenever I saw plenty of creatures just running around. I knew they certainly were making the shaking due to the true number of creatures. It appeared to be the creatures where hostile since they were fighting with themselves along with each other. We turned around and walked one other method to a canyon that we had seen as we landed on the planet. This planet was weird, it was very dry and there looked like there was clearly no supply of water because of how dry it was. As we looked within the canyon I told my brother Jack, “Look how deep the canyon is, and exactly how steep.” He replied, “Yea dude, it appears to be pretty nasty down there. I think we should just go and tell father and mother that this accepted put it pretty weird and we can’t live here.” I agreed with him for once in a number of years, therefore we headed back once again to the starship to take off. We got in towards the ship and the ones a few those creatures we had saw spotted us and came toward us pretty fast. We just went in the starship and did turn back n’t. Those creatures ignored us and simply turned around and went back with there herd.

We took off looking for another planet to reside on.

We where a family that is nomadic kept moving from destination to place without knowing what was likely to be there. Even as we headed for the following planet my cousin and I had started a discussion. We where speaking about how exactly we will have been better off just staying there on the planet rather than getting lost rather than know in which the hell we where. He had been babbling on and on about that and I also really failed to give a care but I paid attention just I had to pay attention to him or he would tell my mom and dad because he was my brother and. My dad and mom were type of stupid I think. They never paid attention to me because they thought Jack was Gods creation that is greatest or something. They spoiled him a lot and I also was just there to complete things for him.

We were coming up on the next planet and I happened to be getting my cousin and myself ready to go explore the earth. We had trouble landing since there was so trees that are many rocks.
There is water here, a complete lot of water was here, that has been crashing up up against the sides associated with cliff. This place was scary simply by taking a look at it. When my buddy and I also got out of the ship to start looking around he thought he saw something by the blink of his eye. I told him he was crazy and that he was things that are seeing. He denied that I knew what he saw. I got just a little suspicious when I saw something at the corner of my eye. It appeared as if something was hunting and us, getting ready for the attack on us that it was surrounding. We went back into the ship and got our laser guns. We went back out and raised the door back up because of the remote. We went walking to see if that which we saw was for real or if it had been just a figment of your imagination. We went behind the rocks and now we could hear things but could not see things. We saw something such as blushes getting around. It looked as though these people were invisible therefore we just kept on walking to see if we could find any thing else and merely to check out the planet. Those blushes started to follow us and if we did something quick or fast paced they would jump back quick. It didn’t look like those creatures would attack us since they would flinch back if we moved quickly. We were only available in this one direction that they types of let us to. It had been this cave that is big was pretty big and there was clearly another creature that people could see. This creature appeared as if it was an apelike figure or something. This started initially to become only a little scary and my brother that is little was to obtain scared also. Most of the invisible creatures where not invisible any longer, they all were creatures that were willing to have supper and now we were going to be it. My buddy was getting really scared now. I whispered to him, “Don’t worry. Shoot the apes because of the exit for this cave and I will make sure the other apes don’t do anything.” He did when I told him and I backed him up. We where in *&!% as much as our knees, most of the apes started yelling plus they all began to become invisible again. I began to run to the exit with my buddy at my side therefore the blushes where all within the real means of the cave exit. I became really clueless from what was going to happen next. I tried to scare the apes nonetheless they did not react or do any plain thing except get even mad. The apes walked forward which meant we had to walk backwards to your big creature that is apelike. I became just as scared as my cousin was and didn’t know write my paper very well what to complete. The top apelike creature asked us, “What will be your business doing here.”
“We are exploring planets to see which one is livable, and this planet is out of the question I think”, was the thing I said. All the apes started laughing, particularly the big one. He then said, “This planet the following is our planet and whoever invades it shall be killed.”
Then I replied, “Well then, i believe we must get our butts outta here don’t you believe big ape.”
That was what he was called by me on accident because it just came out. I think he had been offended he started laughing by it because. My brother then said, “Hey big sir. Is it possible to let us go please?” The big sir was the polite solution to keep in touch with the guy I had found out by my buddy. He always pulled me away from my stumps and I was glad I was pulled by him using this one. I assume my brother did get him to allow us go as the big ape told us, if you leave now and never come back.“ I am going to let you guys go” We agreed to never come back and apologized to the ape that is big.

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